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Inuit Artists

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Johnny Angutiqjuaq

Johnny Kilabuk


Johnny Lee Nooveya

Johnny Lee Nooveya is literally carving out a name for his original and unique style. Being able to carve animals as well as human figures it is exciting to see this upcoming artists work. Both Johnny Lee's grand fathers were very well known carvers , from Pangnirtung and Cape Dorset . With such a wide range of talent it is at times difficult to get access to his art as t is in high demand. Johnny also likes to go quarry stone the carvers require during the summer. It is so amazing when you see him picking out a stone he takes his time and knows exactly what the piece will look like at the time he selects the stone. The demand for Johnny's work continues to grow as does his depth. Being close to his culture Johnny loves fishing, clamming, hunting, looking for eggs and continuing what his elders have passed on to him. Always willing to help others Johnny is what one would consider a well like modern day inuk who practices the traditional skills of his heritage.

Johnny Lee Pudlat


Johnny Manning

Johnny Manning was born in Iqaluit, Nunavut in the year of 1985 but was raised in Cape Dorset, Nunavut. Johnny had learned his carving skills from the Master Carvers in Cape Dorset at a young age when we asked Johnny what he would like to share with people buying his art he shared that "Most of us carvers do this for a living, all it takes is hard work! You have to put some effort, time and start doing it as a hobby. Enjoy it! "

Johnny Meeko

Johnny Papikatok

Johnny Qavavau


Johnny Takatak

Johnnysa Mathewsie