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Inuit Artists

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Tom Curly


Tommy Kelly

Tommy Kuniliusee


Tommy Pallister

Tommy Takpani Jr.

Tony Atsanilk

is a very well seasoned carving. Tony enjoys working with ivory antler and whale bone. Tony is also a jeweller. His art demands an open mind and is deep spirited. Tony has been carving for 30 years and his art is highly collectable.

Tony Oqutaq

Tony wants to share with people who appreciate his skill and art. " Imagination through other carvers put together into my work of art working together with our art and mind.You can create carvings like I do with patience. Never give up, just like being alive. "



Toonoo Sharky

Toonoo Sharky was born in 1970. He grew up in Cape Dorset. He takes his inspiration from the place of stone and makes sure there is no waste.

Tukiki Manomie