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Inuit Artists

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Appa Geeta


Aqjangajuk (Axangayuk) Shaa


Archie Ishulutak

Born and grew up in an outpost camp near Pangnirtung. Archie is an amazing and talented artist. Archie is a very kind peaceful person. His art is also very soft and the movement flows through his art. Being in his forties, Archie is sure to be considered an artist who art is in very high demand . Archies does many themes and any animal

Arlooktoo Kipanik

Artist: Arlooktoo Kipanik Community: Kimmirut

Ashevak ADLA

Ashevak Tunnillie


Atsainak Akeeshoo

Ben Kovik

Ben Kovik Was born in Coral Harbour in 1949 but first started carving in Lake Harbour, Nunavut (Kimmirut, Nunavut). The polar bear was his first signature piece. His art work is never the same, each carving has its own meaning and creation. Ben works with various types of materials includinng Soap stone, Marble, Bone, Antler and Baleen

Billy Merkosak

From Pond Inlet Billy is considered a pier in his community as well as in the Inuit art community. Billy works in all mediums and Subjects. Billy is also very close to his culture and draws his strength from his surroundings . Billy has exceptional skills in his drawings narration and carvings. Billy has travelled to numerous exhibits and art exhibitions. Billy would also be considered a well known provider in other peoples eyes.