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Elisha Ipeelee

Enookie Sagia


Epeetee Campbell


Epirvik Campbell


Eric Pijamini

Esa Kripanik

Etulu Etidloi

Date of birth: 1946 Birth place: Tulukanni Residence: Cape Dorset Signature piece: Loon Etulu Etidloi learned to carve by watching his father, Etidloi Etidloi, carve when he was younger. Because of the loon being requested so much, it became his primary carving for 25 years. He is a dedicated artist, who mainly carves to support himself. Etulu says that the shape of the stone is what dictates what he should make, and often studies the stone before he makes a piece.

Etulu Salomonie


Etulu Shaa


Geela Nowdlak

Artist: Geela Nowdlak Community: Iqaluit