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Inuit Artists

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Geta Etorolopiaq

Goo Pootoogook


Goula Paneak

Artist: Goula Paneak Community: Iqaluit

Guy Nutarariaq


Guy Uniuqsaraq

Heather Kayotak


Henry Evaluardjuk


Ian Shantz


Iola Audlakiak

Iola is from a community called Kimmirut. Although it is smaller community it has produced some of Nunavuts amazingly talented artists. Born 1967 in Iola son of Evie Natsiapik is known for his traditional style of Inuit carvings, noted primarily for his drum dancers, Iola started to carver in the late 1980s while living in Qikiqtarjuaq on Baffin Island. His skills were passed down from his late father Roopie Natsiapik. Iola’s artworks have been displayed in galleries around the world. Iola has also had pieces on exhibit in Toronto Canada. He is the proud father of a son and daughter. Today Iola continues to pass on the tradition of the Inuit in each piece he carves. He takes great pride in every piece he creates from start to finish.

Isa Oqutaq