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Inuit Artists

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Isaci Etidloie

Isaci Etidloie was born on November 15, 1972. He comes from a family of well-known artists from cape Dorset, the most art productive community on Baffin Island, Nunavut. Isaci is the son of Cape Dorset carver Etulu Etidloie known primarily, for his lovely loons mounted on either stone, or a piece of caribou antler, and the grandson of renowned graphic artists Etidlooie and Kingmeata Etidloie. His uncle Kelly is also a talented sculptor, mostly known for his lively carvings of narwhals. Isaci is a very gifted young artist with a tremendous amount of potential. Like his father, Isaci likes to carve birds, but he is equally interested in portraying human figure and mythological imagery, and that is where his great technical control in depicting the movement and proportions is best represented. Isaci takes great care in choosing the stone. His carvings are made of finest serpentine of varying green shades with gold veining, smoothed and polished to best exhibit the beauty of the stone. Serpentine is a metamorphic rock found on Baffin Island. It is a very hard stone with a composition similar to Jade.

Isaci Petaulasie


Ivan Joamie

Ivan Joamie was born in Gjoa Haven but presently lives in Iqaluit, Nunavut. He is the proud father of three children. Ivan says he is best know for his northern style jewelry

Izasie Kopalie


Jackie Takpanie


Jaco Ishulutak


Jacobie Adamie


Jacopoosee Tiglik

Jacopoosee Tiglik is a resident of Iqaluit, the capital city of Nunavut since 1999. Jacopoosee was born at an outpost camp outside called Iglutalik. From there he moved to Pangnirtung at the age of 14. Jacopoosee was born on February 6, 1952 His other talents include: Printmaking Singer Survival skills such as Making uluit, qamutiik, igluit and sewing

Jerry Ell



Jianiva is an amazing young Inuk woman whose talents resonate as an emerging artist. She often speaks of her mother and children. "I feel closer to my culture and heritage when I draw" said Jianiva. Being from the North, Jianiva has collectors now commissioning specific pieces. Needing to provide for her family Jianiva's inner drive is truly inspirational. Jianiva's art is reflective of her life, always changing and adapting, just as her family and culture. This same strength is how Inuit have survived and flourished for thousands of years in the North. She comes from a creative family, both her parent are accomplished artists. When asked for some background information see below excerpts from what Jianiva wrote. My grandfather was a hunter and carver. At first when I tried making drawings for sale in 2001, I was shy. When my art sold I gained motivation and began to create more art through the encouragements of my family and friends. I have done an exhibit in Radisson La Grande in 2007, and another exhibit in Montreal in 2010 " Throughout my childhood, my mother used to encourage me to draw a lot. ( I still have a drawing I did for my grandparents when i was 3 years old that I cherish)." Jianiva recently had a successful exhibit at the 2012 Northern Lights Trade show in Ottawa.