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Inuit Artists

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Guy Uniuqsaraq

Manasie Ulayuk

Moe Unahah


Pitsiulak Ushutsiak

Pits is from Cape Dorset, His art is from all aspects of life. legends, transformations, humans , animal scenes etc. Years ago Iwas out for dinner and Pits came to our table and asked if i would like to purchase a small carving depicting a hunter in his boat steering it complete with traditional tools. There was another inuit yo unger artist there and he came to our table and asked Pits, Why do you make such things , there so intricate and you could make animals easier and sell them for more . Pits looked at me then slowly looked at the young man and said because i can. Well that is a tue story and yes Pits can, his art is truly that art and his talent is not one dimensional.