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Inuit Artists

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Jimmy Makusie


Jimmy Petoloosie


Joanasie Lucassie

Joanasie Lucassie was born and raised in an outpost camp outside of Iqaluit. Joanasie lives close to his traditional way of life.
Being a younger artist Joanasie shows great promise as he an work in different mediums and subjects.

Joanasie Manning


Joanasie Manning

Joanie Ragee


Joe Ippak

John Nutarariaq

Born in Frobisher Bay, John was raised by Pelagie Nutarariaq and the late Henry Evalarjuk, a world renowned artist, to be passionate with his art. Originally raised in Igloolik, he moved to Montreal with his parents. His art has been exhibited all across Canada. While in Montreal he and his parents worked with Polar North who has for decades been one of the leading companies in developing the art industry. John has a wife and a 2 year old child. Throughout his life he has been around Inuit Art. In his spare time John likes to spend time with his daughter and go out hunting. He often speaks of his step father when referring to his art. John is a very kind person and is always helping others develop their skills as artists. He Is a very well mannered person. and takes great pride in his art. He is purely an artist that will have his art sought by collectors and will increase in value. Many of his pieces are sought both nationally and internationally. Every day people go to his home and take pictures and request him to make them a carving . He has been documented in film in Europe as a traditional Inuit Carver. Like other great artists. he can work in many mediums as well as a lot of his art has a story behind it. Being taught by a master carver John has developed his own style while maintaining the older art form of carving with traditional Inuit legends and myths. His art has been documented in the art section of the newspaper News North and has been asked to prepare for a major exhibit.. He is preparing to have an exhibit in fall 2009. John is now working with Carvings Nunavut Inc. to develop the Inuit art Industry

Johnassie Ippak

Johnassie has learned carving at the age of 15 by his father. His signature piece is the walking polar bear.

Johnny Taggaugaq

Johhny is originally from an outpost camp outside Igloolik. Johnny works for our holding company as a carpenter. One time he came to me and with a relaxed tone said Allan, I sorry but i need to stay at home. I asked is everything ok . He said yes, my wife is pregnant and we all ready have four children and i need to be there to help while she is pregnant. I said ok Johnny we will miss you but the contract you were doing is finished and i understand. He said, oh do you mind if i get a large piece of soapstone from you to carve . I asked do you carve , he said yes i can . I said hummm ok Johnny . So I asked what it is you want, grinders , glasses, dremmels, foredom tools, etc. He said no i have a hacksaw blade and a file. I chuckled and thought oh yeah this ought to be good thinking he was hoping he could carve but really just needed something to do in his spare time. So every now and then i would see him and say Hey Johnny hows your carving coming. He would smile and say good really good. I was really thinking ok buddy you got a hacksaw blade and one file , Have fun. Well folks this is what Johnny Taggaugaq did with a file and a hack saw blade. Oh and by the way his wife gave birth to there fifth son, both are fine and Johnny is back working as a carpenter. True story