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Inuit Artists

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Anitoo Ipeelee


Archie Ishulutak

Born and grew up in an outpost camp near Pangnirtung. Archie is an amazing and talented artist. Archie is a very kind peaceful person. His art is also very soft and the movement flows through his art. Being in his forties, Archie is sure to be considered an artist who art is in very high demand . Archies does many themes and any animal

Damien Iqualla

Elisha Ipeelee

Jaco Ishulutak


Joe Ippak

Johnassie Ippak

Johnassie has learned carving at the age of 15 by his father. His signature piece is the walking polar bear.

Josie Iqaluk

Juta Ipeelee


Kulula Itulu


Lucassie Ikkidluak


Mary Ineak


Michael Ipeelee


Simeonie Ukkalianuk – Igloolik


Thomassie Ishulutak


Willie Ipeelee

Willie Ishulutak

Willie is from Apex, Nunavut a small community just three kilometers from Iqaluit, capital city of Nunavut. A place also where a Hudson Bay Post was established Willie is a third generation carver born November 9, 1976. Willies Father Paulosie was a hunter and a part time carver who lived in Iqaluit. His father passed on in the late 1990’s. Willie’s grandfather Jamesie Ishulutak was also a great hunter and part time carver from Pangnirtung. He lives with his wife and is able to carve any object or animal including spiritual art. Willie maintains his Inuit tradition. As an example, they use every part of the animal even the smallest pieces that others would discard. Willie is also very close to his mom. Willie is traditional artist which is the most sought after art. His lines are more simplistic and flow in sync with the stone he selects. It is amazing if you watch him he will show you where the arms of a walrus will be the head and shape. Then when you see the finished piece it truly is awe inspiring. We do not have any of Willies larger pieces in our stock as he is a great business man. He markets his art with the knowledge he doesn’t expect to get rich off just one carving. This is his way of life and enjoys doing it. He thanked me for having him meet the armed forces officers which are the future of the Canadian armed forces he was very grateful.