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Inuit Artists

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Adamie Qaumariaq

From Cape Dorset

Davidee Qimirpik


Johnny Qavavau


Kellypalik (Qilippalik) Qimirpik

Kellypalik (Qilippalik) Qimirpik (E7-754) was born just oustide of Cape Dorset. He has four children, two of which also carve. He is the son of Qimirpik and the father of Pits Qimirpik. Kellypalik learned to carve on his own. He remembers his uncle didn’t want to carve a piece anymore and Kellypalik finished the piece. Once the piece was completed, he went and sold it to the trading post outside of Kimmirut and two of the items he received in payment for his carving were a pocket knife and some bullets for a .22. This occurred while he was still a child and since than he has been carving. He started out carving pieces into seal and remembers being paid $3.75. He estimates that in todays value this would be a payment of about $200. “I enjoy carving, I’m not one to stay put” said Kellypalik. “Children and Youth watch me carve and I feel that I motivate them because I sense them thinking they would carve too when they group up, that they think they can do it too”. Kellypalik Qimirpik has done exhibitions in the past including one in Hamilton and has plans for one in Ottawa, ON.

Kingwatsia Qinnuajuak

Leetia Qayaq


Nuyalia Qimirpik

Palaya Qiatsuq

Pitseolak Qimirpik-Kimmirut

Pitseolak is famous for his eagle and owls. He is also the proud father of 6 children. He has leared his master carving methods from his Mother and Father.

Pootoogoo Qiatsuk


Sam Qiatsuk


Silas Qulaut


Suati Qimirpik