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Dancing Bear by Noo Atsiaq # 8316**SOLD**


Dancing Bear
Noo Atsiaq
Cape Dorset
Height: 5.5
Width: 6
Depth: 3.5

Noo Atsiaq was born in 1986, he was born in Iqaluit and grew up in Cape Dorset. He used to watch his grandfather and others carve, which is how he learned, by observing them. He loves carving. His dream is to be famous for his carvings. He works hard to ensure that his carvings are nice and to make his carvings realistic.


Dancing Bears


Some Inuit believe when they pass life they return to continue the cycle of life as an animal. The “Nanuq (Polar Bear) is considered the pride and joy of all Arctic Animals to the Inuit culture. The legend of the dancing bear is that of the Inuit who’s returned to life as Nanuq, the dance is of joy and happiness!

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Dimensions 3.5 x 6 x 5.5 in