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Walking Bear by Pootoogoo Jaw #8054 Authentic Inuit Art

Artist: Pootoogoo Jaw
Community: Cape Dorset


Pootoogook is from Cape dorset and is considered to be a very talented artist. He has done many exhibits and is well respected in the Inuit art community. Pootoogook is also an elder and admired and a respected pier in his community.

Weight 91 lbs

Height 12″ Width 26 1/2″ Depth 8 1/2″

This is a very colourful piece and being over 2 ft is a difinite centerpiece. It is hard to get pieces of this size by Pootoogook usually they are bought as soonas they are made or reserved.

Additional information

Weight 91.0000000 lbs
Dimensions 8.5000000 × 0.0000000 × 12.0000000 in